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Q: Do I Need To Create An Account Before Placing An Order?

A: A membership account is not mandatorily required and you may CHECKOUT to place an order without an account.


However, creating an account offers many attractive benefits:

  • Your personal information will be saved securely, for a faster and more convenient experience at checkout.

  • Order status and history can be tracked.

  • Receive our latest products promotion information and any special promotional events for membership only.

  • Access to our limited offer E-coupon.


Q: Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

A: We accept the following payment methods on our site:
For Hong Kong orders:
Credit Card via Paypal, FPS (Faster Payment System) and Bank Transfer (HSBC)


Q: What Currency Will I Be Charged In?

A: Hong Kong Dollar.


Q: Can I Add Additional Items To My Submitted Order?

A: Once your order has been submitted, you cannot add additional items to it. However, you may submit a new order for additional items.


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Once an order is confirmed, we apologize we do not accept any cancellation as our system reserved your items.


Q: What items are covered by warranty?

A: In general circumstances, we do not provide any warranty or maintenance service, except those we specify in the product description. Please liaise and confirm with our customer service department before sending your items back to Gourmet Kitchen for servicing or warranty claims.

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